Wango is an Oslo-based experimental alternative rock band. With dynamic arrangements and dark lyrics in an atmospheric soundscape, Wango delivers well-balanced compositions where alternative rock meets lo-fi and melancholy. The music is composed with elements of improvisation and raw sketches, and is then put together and shaped by the band as a textual whole. Somewhat inspired by bands/artists such as Beck, Arcade Fire, Radiohead/Thom Yorke, Air, Jon Hopkins, Interpol etc., Wango has unconventional and alternative ways of thinking sound, harmony, form and composition in context of alternative pop-rock. As a result of experimenting with aesthetics, sound and expression, the music is a bipolar process through constant struggles between presumptions and surprises, with an intense, underlying nerve that impregnates the bands musical universe.

By the end of 2010, Wango was namned "talents of the year" by the festival Canal Street, and has since 2011 played at Hovefestivalen, Canal Street, OverOslo, Sørveiv, Uka på Blindern etc. They've also supported / shared stages with bands such as Heroes & Zeros, Rumble In Rhodos, Kaizers Orchestra, Honningbarna and Susanne Sundfør. In february 2013, Wango released their debut EP, "Elephant Nation", recorded at Urban Sound Studios, with guest musicians Erik johannessen(Jaga Jazzist) and Sjur Miljeteig, followed by a Norwegian release-tour. After the release, Wango was recommended and played by NRK P3, and in a review in Fevennen, Rune Slyngstad said that «Wango is working on something great. Possibly something really great». After touring spring and summer 2013, the band had a concert break autumn 2013 and spring/summer 2014 to work on new material. Wango is currently writing, recording and planning their debut album, wich is set to release late spring 2015.


October 9th 2014


Returning to Propeller Mastering with Chris Sansom is always a pleasure. Look our for our new single, available soon!

October 1st 2014


Three intense and productive rehersals/composing workshops already this week. Really looking forward to sharing some new tunes.

September 23rd 2014


Wango is currently in Urban Sound Studios with producer Thomas Wang, mixing a single for their upcoming album